6 Movies Rejected by Aamir Khan which went to SRK and Salman Khan and became Blockbusters

1. Josh


Mansoor Khan had already made films like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak with Aamir Khan. When he was working on Josh, which so far remains the last film he directed, he took the script to Aamir. He wanted Aamir to play the romantic lead opposite Aishwarya Rai. Aamir however wanted to play the character of Max, which was already offered to Shah Rukh Khan. “Aamir wanted to change his image and no longer wanted to play the lover boy or romantic hero,” says Mansoor. “Everybody wanted to play Max. So Aamir would never let Shah Rukh play it, he reveals.

In fact Aamir is not the only star to refuse the film. Mansoor had narrated the film to Kajol too, who too interestingly wanted to play Max! The role of romantic hero finally went to Chandrachur Singh.

2. Darr


When Yash Chopra came up with the idea of Darr he approached Aamir Khan for the lead. Khan however was at that moment seen as a romantic hero and was yet to try doing different characters. Sources say he was not sure if he should be seen playing an anti-hero character, especially one who gets beaten up and kills by the romantic lead. The gossip goes as to how Aamir apparently asked Yash Chopra for a complete breakdown of how many punches would the character take and other such details. Yash Chopra decided to go for different actor altogether. Darr went to SRK.

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