A R Rahman to Compose Music for biopics of Two Sports Legends

A R Rahman, renowned music director of Indian film industry is now composing music for biopics on two of the biggest sports stars – Indian cricket god Sachin Tendulkar and Brazilian Football legend Pele. The trailer for both the biopics are out and both the films are slated for a release this year. A R Rahman was offered the opportunity for composing the music of the biopic of Pele by directors Jeff and Michael. A R Rahman is happy that the directors has offered him such a great opportunity and he even went to America to meet the directors to understand the film better. Rahman is also directing the music for biopic on Sachin, titled Sachin – A billion dreams. The music director has divided his time equally for both the movies and is working on the projects. The biopic on pele is scheduled to release on May 13, while Sachin – A Billion dreams hasn’t ennounced his release date yet.