AMAZING tips Sonakshi Sinha recently gave on her shocking weight loss transformation!

The reigning diva of Bollywood who literally had us in for a shock with her latest avatar in Force 2, Sonakshi Sinha has officially proved that anything in the world is possible if you try. The girl who weighed 90 kilos has not only smashed every goal but also got fitter every day. From the beginning of her journey in Dabangg till now, Sona has pushed herself enough to get where she is today. This is what she had to say about her weight loss journey.


Sonakshi simply stated that giving up on junk food completely helped her the most during her weight loss journey. She used to maintain herself earlier but after she realised that eating all the delicious food made by her mommy is making her put on weight, the actress put a stop to her eating habits and decided to slim down for the better.

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