Singam 3: Biggest blockbuster in Suriya’s career?

Finally, the wait is over. The much awaited Suriya’s “Singam 3” is released all over India. The release of the film was delayed for more than 2 months die to various reasons, including CM Jayalalithaa’s death and Jallikattu protest.

Suriya’s last year release 24 managed to generate Rs 100 crore revenue through worldwide ticket sales but the figures were less than expected since it was the biggest release on over 2000 screens worldwide, which was the biggest release for Suriya. Meanwhile, Singam 3 has already earned Rs 100 crore even before it’s release.


  • Kollywood’s popular franchise

First Singam film was released in 2010, back then nobody would have expected it to be one of the most successful franchises in Tamil cinema. The film has even inspired Bollywood’s Singham franchise, starring Ajay Devgan. According to some trade pandits the film is likely to earn Rs 50 crore on its opening day. Let’s see if things work out well for the team.

  • Influential character

Durai Singam is one of the most powerful and influential character played by Suriya that Suriya’s Durai Singam photo has been kept in various police training camps to motivate and inspire youngsters to join the police forces.

  • Suriya factor

In a career spanning about two decades, Suriya has delivered a varied range of performances and has grown with every film as an actor. He has shown two variations in playing a cop onscreen.

  • Hari-Suriya combo

One of the best director’s who has exploited Suriya’s ability to make full fledged entertainment movies is none other than Hari, which makes the Hari-Suriya combo a powerful one.

  •  High-voltage action

High voltage action is on the of important aspects of the Singam franchise. It also includes high speed pursuits and high octane fighting scenes. The stunt director for the film is Kannal Kannan. So its going to be a dynamic film packed with everything the fans expect.

Watch the trailer here if you haven’t watched it yet: