Tiyaan Movie Review

Tiyaan (The Above Mentioned) was undoubtedly a much awaited movie from Mollywood. The film lovers had eagerly waited to watch the the star brothers back in business with a cult script from Murali Gopi who had produced some great films in the past. The movie which surprisingly had no specific genre was received whole heartedly by the Kerala audience. The shooting completely took place outside the state and was kept secret. And therefore it had caught up great attention and hype in the minds of movie buffs during it’s pre-release period.

The film tells the tale of a bunch of Malayalis who are regarded as the followers of Sankaracharya in the northern part of India. Pattabhiraman Giri played by Indrajith is a Brahman scholar who lives with his wife and daughter played by Ananya and Nakshaktra Indrajith respectively. The flick starts with the eviction of locals from the land and unfortunately Pattabhiraman is also forced to give away his land built by his ancestors to Ramakanth Mahashay played by Murali Gopi who proclaims himself as a ‘Bhagawan’.

Aslan Muhammed played by Prithviraj has a past which is told simultaneously. He is shown as a gang leader in the backdrops of Mumbai who is filled with the grace of Allah. Due to some unfortunate incidents Aslan moves from Mumbai and finally ends up in helping Pattabhiraman survive and beat the powerful Mahashay.

Indrajith is the backbone of the movie, he takes the plot forward while Prithviraj backs him up throughout the story. Both the brothers had put in a brilliant job reprising their characters in utmost effective manner. Indrajith as a family man showed the perfect caring and love as a father and husband while Prithviraj in two different looks gave out his best. Murali Gopi as always had given an amazing performance as the mysterious and evil minded ‘Bhagawan’. All the other actors, Shine Tom Chacko, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Rahul Madhav and a bunch of versatile Bollywood stars shone brightly throughout the flick. Though the movie had big names in the cast list, the crew had failed in utilizing their characters on screen the best way possible.

The film has much importance in superstitions and mystic powers. It focuses on god men and how they mislead people with supernatural powers. Tiyaan never tests the viewer’s patience or never lacks at any instant. Murali Gopi had yet again given a solid script and special mention to the cult dialogues spoke out by all the three main characters. Satheesh Kurup’s amazing visuals stood apart while Gopi Sundar had well-balanced his music bits with the storyline.